Jim Ward Part III or is it IV?

More great words of wisdom from one of my biggest writing influences…. Mr Jim Ward. Getting the Work I do the same things all the time as I work on projects. Maybe some of this information will be useful to others. 1 — try hard to bring projects ahead of the deadline. Troy Denning used […]

The editor is gone. The editor is gone away. The editor is gone baby. The editor is gone away. You know the editor done me wrong baby. And they’ll be sorry someday. (Apologies to the late BB King).

Well, one of my editors is fantastic. Everything I send her she gets back to me with a reasonable turnaround time. She is amazing. The other editor… well, since I started talking with them back in October, they kept giving me reasons they will delay working on my stuff. I bet they thought I would […]

2019 wishes.

Happy New Year Mad Minions…   I hope this 2019 you are not attacked by… Giant Bees Giant Snakes Giant Ants Giant Shrews Giant Scorpions with a hangnail Giant Locusts Giant Crocodiles Giant Ticks Giant Octopuseses Giant Birds Giant Spiders Giant Rabbits Giant Lizards Giant Scorpions withOUT a hangnail Giant Pigs Giant Leeches Giant Sharks […]

Meeeeery (Mad) Christmas! 2018 edition.

Merry Christmas Mad Minions! As some of you might remember,  I have come to China to begin my plans for Global Domination. Each year that I have been here, I have helped out with an organization called ‘Alenah’s Hope (www.childrenshope.net) introduced to me by a great friend named Jacken, who take care of children who […]

There is magic.

More words from Jim Ward. Magic is real Never doubt there is magic in the world. A simple shoe repair dude puts together an entire new game and 40+ years later millions of people are playing it and having great fun. That same man makes a truly challenging adventure and 40 years later Tomb of […]

Why am I mad? China.

Hey hey Mad Minions, Some days I really like living in China. But Damn, one thing about about Chinese people (mostly Chinese men for some reason) that drives me crazy is they always think they know what is better for you than yourself… without even knowing what is going on in your life. Many things […]

Words of Wisdom from Jim Ward.

I copied this from Jim Ward’s Facebook Page. Great stuff. Thanks Mr. Ward. Writer’s Soapbox Back when young Jim Ward wrote Gods, Demi-gods, and Heroes and Metamorphosis Alpha there wasn’t a spell checker. My text was filled with grammar errors and bad spellings. I had good editors but they weren’t happy. Several TSR editors told […]

Minimally Invasive!

Hey Mad Minions! Yeah, yeah, I know minimally invasive surgery is a real thing… but think about the phrase minimally invasive EYE REMOVAL. For some reason, I find this hilarious. When I remove people’s eyeballs for my evil experiments, they find it HIGHLY invasive. If they survive.     After some Chinglish, I wanted to […]