Minimally Invasive!

Hey Mad Minions!

Yeah, yeah, I know minimally invasive surgery is a real thing… but think about the phrase minimally invasive EYE REMOVAL.

For some reason, I find this hilarious. When I remove people’s eyeballs for my evil experiments, they find it HIGHLY invasive. If they survive.



After some Chinglish, I wanted to post something great about China (since there are wonderful things about China, just like everywhere).

I am a  huge Superman fan (Superman tends to attract Mad Overlords and evil geniuses for villains) , so the fact I saw this little boy is dressed as the hero makes me happy to see.  What people consider the pinnacles of heroism (and villainy) are eternal, no matter where you are from.

This said from everyone’s arch nemesis, even my own, me.

Stay Mad

Be Good


Hey Mad Minions,

As I am sure most of you know, Stan “the Man” Lee passed away at 95 today.  My diabolical Mad Overlord heart is heavy. Some may wonder why, I never met the man, so why should I, in this time of selfishness and indifference, care about someone I have never met before?

Because in some ways, Stan was the gent all of us should strive to be.


I know he wasn’t perfect. There are claims that he was arrogant…. but I am looking past that. At his core he was an innovator, a creative genius, and he always out reached to his fans. Any fan who has met the guy said he was friendly and cordial. Not to mention, he was meeting fans and signing autographs almost up until his time of death.

Heck, I probably wont even make it to 95, most likely one of my experiments will turn on me and kill me as Mad Overlord experiments tend to do.

But  think of the effect this man had on pop culture these days. I would make an argument, that more people these days know the Marvel characters then they know sonnets by Shakespeare or the writings of Hemingway.  There was something in his storytelling that was on one hand intellectual (The story of how he came up with the name of the Hulk villain “The Abomination” comes to mind) but ‘down to earth’ enough that appealed to a broad audience (Peter Parker having girl trouble for example).

My mind, while usually overcome by madness, today is touched by sadness as well. We need MORE creative, innovative thinkers these days. People who know how to appeal to the humanity in all of us, instead of just a few.

God Speed Stan.



He rocks in the treetops all day long Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and singing his song All the little birds on Jaybird Street Love to hear the MAD OVERLORD go tweet-tweet-tweet

Hey hey Mad Minions,

After many years avoiding it with my introverted self, one of my best friends has finally got me to join Twitter (they promised me it is necessary for world domination). I will still make the blog the main place I update, but feel free to add me.

Search for ‘Mad Overlord Studios’ on Twitter.

EDIT: My word count for  NaNoWriMo this year so far is 26,770 as of Nov 12th. I am not sure how GOOD any of it is… and it will need heavy editing, but the words are on (digital) paper.

Stay Mad

Be Good


NANOWRIMO stands for, National Novel Writing MAD OVERLORD!

Hey hey Mad Minions,

As some of you might know, November is NANOWRIMO (if you didn’t if you scroll up a few lines you can see its right in the title).

I have been participating for a few years and I am again this year.  This time around the squirrel cage though, I am going to write three short stories instead of a few novel. I have all three plotted out (kinda, sometimes I am more a pantser than a planner) and I am so far at 12869 words on day five (it helps to be a Mad Overlord. I dont hang out with people on the weekend, I just write or plot to take over the world by turning chickens into washing machines… or was that vice versa in reverse).

I cannot post the whole story here since I guess no publisher will touch them, but here is hoping that I can maybe post a paragraph or two here.

Just a quick post to let you guys know I am thinking about you.  Hope your days are going well and none of your chickens clean out their lint traps in front of you.

Stay Mad

Be Good.

What would Dungeons & Coffee be if I don’t drink coffee? hah? HAH!?!?!

Hey hey Mad Minions,

I just wanted to drop this here since I know a lot of people stop by to check my thoughts on RPG’s. When I play table top, I rarely if ever use miniatures since I like players to ask questions. I find when minis are used, players tend to view the game more like a board game and focus more on combat (just my observations over my years of gaming, yours experiences might be completely different).

What to do if you like miniatures and are looking for tips for building things?

Go to Dungeons and Coffee. Not to be a cheap plug, but just look at the cool stuff this guy builds.


Go check him out.

An update on my Nanowrimo, its November 4th here and I am just shy of 10,000 words (9820).

More updates soon.

Stay Mad

Be Good.

Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My MAD OVERLORD!

I read a post recently about how someone was making fun of the old Dungeons and Dragons artwork. But I personally really enjoy the old art better than the newer art.

Sure, the newer art looks better. But for me the old art told a story all in one picture.

I was playing Basic D&D since I was 8 and graduated to Moldvay when it showed up. But one thing I can remember to this day is going to the hobby store in Brookfield Square (I had to do chores into order to get my dad to drive me there) and picking up the 1st edition Monster Manual. Upon opening it, this was the first thing I saw:


I can still feel that sense of wonder that washed over me. How is that guy going to defeat that huge manta ray looking thing with just that sword? Will it wrap it up and devour him like those things from the movie Beast Master? I *had* to buy this book. I only had enough money for one, so my players lost out on all the new classes and such from the Players Handbook for a few more months. They soon learned of the unholy terrors of things that crawled in the dark however.

It was glorious.

To this day, I think these feelings I remember have effected my writing and design. That sense of mystery and wonder is sometimes lost in newer editions, but it is up to us as storytellers to make sure it never escapes.

Kind of like the things I have living in the box under the stairs right now.

Tomorrow begins NANOWRIMO. I will try to update as much as I can since I did a lot of planning on this next project.

Stay Mad

Be Good.

They say people don’t believe in heroes anymore. Well damn them! You and me, Mad Overlord, we’re gonna give them back their heroes!

Just a bit from a short story I am writing… as always, remember this is a rough, rough draft.

Please drop me a line to let me know what you think.

The engine roared as the car roared down the remains of the broken highway. Two motorcycles speed along either side of the rusty black machine. The cycle with a passenger swung a baseball bat at the tainted window, making a spiderweb of cracks with the first strike and splintering it completely on the follow up swing.

The driver of the black car gazed at his attackers hidden behind a full faced gas mask. An odd growling, howling noise that could not be hear over the roaring of the engines, came from the motorcycle driver as his passenger continued his assault upon the car with the bat.

The motorcycle on the driver’s side of the car as the driver pulled out a pistol and began to take aim, only to have two tons of steel slam into them. The front suspension bent sideways from the force and snapped. Sending the driver into the air,landing chin first. Their feet landing second a short distance ahead, the drivers back now bent like a torn apart paper clip.

The car and the remaining motorcycle raced onward, neither unconcerned with the fate of the other driver. They both swerved around a derelict car in the middle of the highway,left there years ago. As they emerged on the other side, the motorcycle swerved back with the passenger poised to jump to the other vehicle, baseball bat at the ready.

The car slammed on its brakes. The passenger tried to grab onto what ever they could to prevent themselves from launching themselves onto the target no longer there, the only thing there, was the driver. This caused the driver to swerve to try and re-balance the bike, but failing. All three of them hit the pavement. The passenger hit first, their arm bending almost all the way around their back from the friction. As the driver and bike struck, the driver of the car swerved out onto the shoulder of the road to avoid striking them. An odd fluke in the broken pavement of the road caused the driver and bike to bounce directly in front of the cars path. As they disappeared under the car and the sound of metal striking metal immediately followed by a crunching sound.

“Shit.” The driver said even before the car struck them.

Stay Mad.

Be Good.

I miss MAD Magazine. There. I said it. And I’d say it again if I had too.

As people in the world get more and more politicized, which cannot be good.

They also lack the ability to laugh at themselves, which also cannot be good.

MAD Magazine relaunched in April, but it is SO politicized now, which cannot be good.

So instead, watch this tribute to the old MAD, which made fun of everything. No safe zones. Everyone gets triggered.

And that can be good.

I see so called ‘normal’ people become triggered over everything,  attack each other over pointless things, and essentially make a mess of the world they say they are trying to save – it they are normal and main stream, I am glad I am a crazy person.

Stay MAD.

Be good.