I’m a game designer with 7+ years of experience as a video game designer, as well as 15+ years of writing RPGs.

I focus mostly on designing and scripting levels packed with fun narrative-based game play and exciting scripted events.

I do a bit of system and narrative design as well. I have a penchant for making things easily accessible while still retaining fun game play depth.

One of my recent projects involves writing my own book in the “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” style called The Castle of Blackwood Moors. This involved coordinating all of the entries, experimenting with and editing all of the narratives to ensure that setting was exciting and that the mechanics were both interesting and easy to use. It has been published and can be purchased at Amazon here.

I thrive in creative and collaborative environments where hard work and passion for making great games is valued, and where I can leverage my strong technical background to enhance my designs and team.

To see some of the projects I have worked on, visit my Portfolio page.

My Strength Finder (http://www.strengthstest.com/strengths-finder-themes) Traits are: Input, Ideation, Intellection, Responsibility, and Learner. My Myers-Briggs is INFJ. This is so descriptive of me, its scary.  (https://www.16personalities.com/infj-personality)

I have recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s, but I should have known this since I was a kid with my odd behavior.


Why the moniker Axiom? Well, I am one of those people that really does not have a ‘filter’ so I tend to say whats on my mind for better or for worse. A friend of mine named Russ Bath, were in a class together and the topic was “Axioms.” He looked at me and said, “That is you!” Since then (the early 1990’s), I have used the name online.


Finally, if you have not guessed from reading this blog, I have kind of an odd personality. All those years of reading countless books and playing Dungeons and Dragons has obviously made me a super cool guy.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.