New Site is coming.

Hey hey Mad Monions.Been a while. Released a new book. A few more videos. Moved out of of China. Wandered the USA during 2020. Now that I am getting settled back in, I am getting help to redesign the site so it will look a lot more professional. Talented writer… my HTML coding skills are… […]

Christmas 2019 (yeah, I am late.)

As you know, every year I donate to kids. This year, I wanted to help a different group of kids with toys and games. They are a bit older but they need Christmas presents too right? Not being one for long boring speeches (thank goodness), here are the pictures. On a side note, they made […]

10 years of madness!

Even though Mad Overlord Studios has been around since my college days, it wasn’t until 2010 that I created this website. There have been long periods of time where I have not updated it (like 2019), but always come back to my little corner of the internet where crazy humor and weirdness reign. That said, […]

Well, poop.

Hey Mad Minions, You might be wondering, “HEY! Where is the Mad Overlord Garycon 11 report?! I shaved my head and joined a cult in the basement of the worlds last Blockbusters waiting in anticipation!” Well, I had my Mad Computer (like a Bat Computer, but only… madder) stolen.  So all the things I was […]

Just what is OLD SKOOL?

In 48 hours I will be making my annual trip back home to stock up on Mad Overlord supplies (death rays, dangerously experimental chemicals, shoes) but I will also be attending Gary Con once again! While attending, it is prudent to remind everyone of the difference between old school gaming and dumba$$ gaming (yeah, I […]

More Wisdom from Jim Ward.

Jim Ward posted some wisdom about writing, and I had to share it.  Jim, if you ever see this, I hope you do not mind that I post all this…but its so good I need to share it far and wide. Without further ado…   Keep Writing No Matter What In 1974 when I started […]