Have I really been hiding under your bed for two years?

Hey Mad Minions, As always, I forget to update my social media. Well, really its because they put me in a straight jacket and I finally chewed my way out. What has been happening to the ol’ Mad One himself? Welp, I left China during the early days of COVID, got on one of the […]

New Site is coming.

Hey hey Mad Monions.Been a while. Released a new book. A few more videos. Moved out of of China. Wandered the USA during 2020. Now that I am getting settled back in, I am getting help to redesign the site so it will look a lot more professional. Talented writer… my HTML coding skills are… […]

Ever wanted to draw fantasy maps?

Interested in Map Making? Today the Map Overlord shows you how to make a quality fantasy map and a critique from his boss. Stay Mad. Be Good.