2019 wishes.

Happy New Year Mad Minions…   I hope this 2019 you are not attacked by… Giant Bees Giant Snakes Giant Ants Giant Shrews Giant Scorpions with a hangnail Giant Locusts Giant Crocodiles Giant Ticks Giant Octopuseses Giant Birds Giant Spiders Giant Rabbits Giant Lizards Giant Scorpions withOUT a hangnail Giant Pigs Giant Leeches Giant Sharks […]

Happy New Year! Where the heck have I been?

Hey there gang, From moving halfway across the world, looking for a new job, doing all the stuff associated with Christmas, writing my second book, trying to promote the first book… I have not been around for a while. Apologies, hopefully I wont  be gone so long again. Anyway, lets get back to our poor […]

Dude, where’s my Axiom?

Hey gang! Sorry I disappeared for about two weeks. Multiple things have been happening. Trying to form a LLC, writing but the BIG THING is, after five years, I moved back to the USA from China. So obviously,there was a lot of packing, goodbyes to great friends, long lingering hateful stares at my blood enemies… […]