2019 wishes.

Happy New Year Mad Minions…
I hope this 2019 you are not attacked by…
Giant Bees
Giant Snakes
Giant Ants
Giant Shrews
Giant Scorpions with a hangnail
Giant Locusts
Giant Crocodiles
Giant Ticks
Giant Octopuseses
Giant Birds
Giant Spiders
Giant Rabbits
Giant Lizards
Giant Scorpions withOUT a hangnail
Giant Pigs
Giant Leeches
Giant Sharks
Giant Aliens
Giant Monkeys
Giant Giants

Or Steve. You always need to keep your eye on Steve.

Stay Mad

Be Good

NANOWRIMO stands for, National Novel Writing MAD OVERLORD!

Hey hey Mad Minions,

As some of you might know, November is NANOWRIMO (if you didn’t if you scroll up a few lines you can see its right in the title).

I have been participating for a few years and I am again this year.  This time around the squirrel cage though, I am going to write three short stories instead of a few novel. I have all three plotted out (kinda, sometimes I am more a pantser than a planner) and I am so far at 12869 words on day five (it helps to be a Mad Overlord. I dont hang out with people on the weekend, I just write or plot to take over the world by turning chickens into washing machines… or was that vice versa in reverse).

I cannot post the whole story here since I guess no publisher will touch them, but here is hoping that I can maybe post a paragraph or two here.

Just a quick post to let you guys know I am thinking about you.  Hope your days are going well and none of your chickens clean out their lint traps in front of you.

Stay Mad

Be Good.

Dude, where’s my Axiom?

Hey gang! Sorry I disappeared for about two weeks. Multiple things have been happening. Trying to form a LLC, writing but the BIG THING is, after five years, I moved back to the USA from China.

So obviously,there was a lot of packing, goodbyes to great friends, long lingering hateful stares at my blood enemies…

You get the picture.

Anyway, back in the semi-frozen land of Wisconsin. It is great to be back. This weekend I am at Gameholecon, hanging out with the likes of Frank Menzter, Tim Cask, and Ed Greenwood. After this weekend goes by however, my jetlag is finally ending, so expect more updates! Again, apologies about the long wait.

Have a great weekend fun gang!