NANOWRIMO stands for, National Novel Writing MAD OVERLORD!

Hey hey Mad Minions,

As some of you might know, November is NANOWRIMO (if you didn’t if you scroll up a few lines you can see its right in the title).

I have been participating for a few years and I am again this year.  This time around the squirrel cage though, I am going to write three short stories instead of a few novel. I have all three plotted out (kinda, sometimes I am more a pantser than a planner) and I am so far at 12869 words on day five (it helps to be a Mad Overlord. I dont hang out with people on the weekend, I just write or plot to take over the world by turning chickens into washing machines… or was that vice versa in reverse).

I cannot post the whole story here since I guess no publisher will touch them, but here is hoping that I can maybe post a paragraph or two here.

Just a quick post to let you guys know I am thinking about you.  Hope your days are going well and none of your chickens clean out their lint traps in front of you.

Stay Mad

Be Good.

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