More Wisdom from Jim Ward.

Jim Ward posted some wisdom about writing, and I had to share it.  Jim, if you ever see this, I hope you do not mind that I post all this…but its so good I need to share it far and wide. Without further ado…   Keep Writing No Matter What In 1974 when I started […]

Jim Ward Part III or is it IV?

More great words of wisdom from one of my biggest writing influences…. Mr Jim Ward. Getting the Work I do the same things all the time as I work on projects. Maybe some of this information will be useful to others. 1 — try hard to bring projects ahead of the deadline. Troy Denning used […]

Words of Wisdom from Jim Ward.

I copied this from Jim Ward’s Facebook Page. Great stuff. Thanks Mr. Ward. Writer’s Soapbox Back when young Jim Ward wrote Gods, Demi-gods, and Heroes and Metamorphosis Alpha there wasn’t a spell checker. My text was filled with grammar errors and bad spellings. I had good editors but they weren’t happy. Several TSR editors told […]

Talking with Jim Ward.

As I get around to finally posting about GaryCon X (a month late, yeah yeah), one of the things I got to do is speak to Jim Ward about the first science fiction Role Playing Game, Metamorphasis Alpha.  It was a precursor to Gamma World, (honestly my favorite RPG – Sorry D&D) and it was […]