Excuse-APHONE! and, more nonsense.

While I am trying to get this rough outline done by the end of the month… AND trying to pass both of my classes…  Writing updates are going to be slow.

In the meantime, please enjoy what I do in my free time to stay creative but I don’t want to write since I do it 14 hours of a day.

A Mad (Overlord/Magazine) look at… The Road! (Which is a great book if you haven’t read it.)

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Writing, writing, writing… And this crazy stuff.

Hey hey Mad Minions!

I just wanted to let you know.. I *am* still writing.  And I am taking a few online classes from UCLA. A Narrative Design class (so I can become more proficient in my job) and a Novel writing class… since my sentence structure needs help.

Hmm.  After writing this… maybe I should post the work I have been doing for those classes here. Would that be interesting? I guess I will post it and let you decide.

In the mean time, please enjoy the following nonsense.

Stay Mad.
Be good.

A hint at what is coming from Mad OverLord Studios.

Hey! Where have I been?

My poor Alienware of 6 years died a few months back. *Places hand over heart* and so I had to get a new computer.

Which was a CHORE because, living in China, I did not want a computer from here since the government likes to add a lot of… lets just say “Special modifications” just in case President Xi is watching.

So I now reveal… well, not reveal but that is what I am using to type this…. my DELL XPS 15! Its a great machine with six cores and this thing rocks the socks and then some. I have a lot of things to talk about not to mention getting back to writing. But with out further ado…  A video that gives a hint what is going to start happening. I sound like a goof because this was the last day of GaryCon and I was super tired and losing my voice..

Thanks for hanging in there my fans during my technical difficulties.

Stay Mad

Be Good.