A hint at what is coming from Mad OverLord Studios.

Hey! Where have I been?

My poor Alienware of 6 years died a few months back. *Places hand over heart* and so I had to get a new computer.

Which was a CHORE because, living in China, I did not want a computer from here since the government likes to add a lot of… lets just say “Special modifications” just in case President Xi is watching.

So I now reveal… well, not reveal but that is what I am using to type this…. my DELL XPS 15! Its a great machine with six cores and this thing rocks the socks and then some. I have a lot of things to talk about not to mention getting back to writing. But with out further ado…  A video that gives a hint what is going to start happening. I sound like a goof because this was the last day of GaryCon and I was super tired and losing my voice..

Thanks for hanging in there my fans during my technical difficulties.

Stay Mad

Be Good.

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