Well, poop.

Hey Mad Minions, You might be wondering, “HEY! Where is the Mad Overlord Garycon 11 report?! I shaved my head and joined a cult in the basement of the worlds last Blockbusters waiting in anticipation!” Well, I had my Mad Computer (like a Bat Computer, but only… madder) stolen.  So all the things I was […]

More Wisdom from Jim Ward.

Jim Ward posted some wisdom about writing, and I had to share it.  Jim, if you ever see this, I hope you do not mind that I post all this…but its so good I need to share it far and wide. Without further ado…   Keep Writing No Matter What In 1974 when I started […]

The editor is gone. The editor is gone away. The editor is gone baby. The editor is gone away. You know the editor done me wrong baby. And they’ll be sorry someday. (Apologies to the late BB King).

Well, one of my editors is fantastic. Everything I send her she gets back to me with a reasonable turnaround time. She is amazing. The other editor… well, since I started talking with them back in October, they kept giving me reasons they will delay working on my stuff. I bet they thought I would […]

He rocks in the treetops all day long Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and singing his song All the little birds on Jaybird Street Love to hear the MAD OVERLORD go tweet-tweet-tweet

Hey hey Mad Minions, After many years avoiding it with my introverted self, one of my best friends has finally got me to join Twitter (they promised me it is necessary for world domination). I will still make the blog the main place I update, but feel free to add me. Search for ‘Mad Overlord […]

Another sample of writing…

Hey hey Mad Minions, One of the things I am doing, is I am writing a story for a Chinese IP. I am sure peeps like the South Korean stuff and the board game stuff, but this blog/vlog whatever, is going to be mainly about writing. Writing stories. Writing D&D adventures. Writing ransom notes. So […]

A funny thing happened on the way to the Amazon.

We will continue exploring Trader’s Post soon. While I was writing today, some one pointed out that on Amazon.com my book was being sold for almost four dollars less – brand new – through some vendors. So I went to investigate, being the nosey person that I am, and sure as sphagnum, there was my book […]