New Site is coming.

Hey hey Mad Monions.
Been a while.

Released a new book. A few more videos. Moved out of of China. Wandered the USA during 2020.

Now that I am getting settled back in, I am getting help to redesign the site so it will look a lot more professional.

Talented writer… my HTML coding skills are… not so talented.
Keep Watching this space.

Stay Good.
Be Mad.

Chinese New Year Approaches… Good News and Bad news.

Good News……. aaaaaand Bad News.

Quick Update Mad Minions.
So I got a new editor and they are working like crazy on the D&D Module I wrote, the bad news… it is highly unlikely it will be ready by Gary Con.

Its my fault, I trusted my old editor would actually would pull through.. but alas, they did not.

Learning Experience I guess.

Ah well, its a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Stay Mad.

Be Good.

There is magic.

More words from Jim Ward.

Magic is real
Never doubt there is magic in the world. A simple shoe repair dude puts together an entire new game and 40+ years later millions of people are playing it and having great fun. That same man makes a truly challenging adventure and 40 years later Tomb of Horrors is still a famous world class adventure. A dude (me) is a terrible speller and has no writing experience and is challenged to make a science fiction role-playing game before such a game was even thought of. Now 40+ years later that game is still played and sold. Gary Gygax spun magic my facebook friends. I’m proud to say I’ve spun that same magic. Long after I’m dead and gone people will be playing my games. That makes me extremely happy. Chris Clark and I are about to publish through Troll Lord games a detailed map of the starship Warden. It’s over 500 pages long with terrific maps and illustrations. I have no doubt it will be played in some form on the first colonization starship man sends to the stars. Wouldn’t it be cool if they named that ship the Warden. Happy holidays.


Couldn’t have said it better Mr. Ward.

Happy Holidays.

Stay Mad.

NANOWRIMO stands for, National Novel Writing MAD OVERLORD!

Hey hey Mad Minions,

As some of you might know, November is NANOWRIMO (if you didn’t if you scroll up a few lines you can see its right in the title).

I have been participating for a few years and I am again this year.  This time around the squirrel cage though, I am going to write three short stories instead of a few novel. I have all three plotted out (kinda, sometimes I am more a pantser than a planner) and I am so far at 12869 words on day five (it helps to be a Mad Overlord. I dont hang out with people on the weekend, I just write or plot to take over the world by turning chickens into washing machines… or was that vice versa in reverse).

I cannot post the whole story here since I guess no publisher will touch them, but here is hoping that I can maybe post a paragraph or two here.

Just a quick post to let you guys know I am thinking about you.  Hope your days are going well and none of your chickens clean out their lint traps in front of you.

Stay Mad

Be Good.