New Site is coming.

Hey hey Mad Monions.Been a while. Released a new book. A few more videos. Moved out of of China. Wandered the USA during 2020. Now that I am getting settled back in, I am getting help to redesign the site so it will look a lot more professional. Talented writer… my HTML coding skills are… […]

Chinese New Year Approaches… Good News and Bad news.

Good News……. aaaaaand Bad News. Quick Update Mad Minions. So I got a new editor and they are working like crazy on the D&D Module I wrote, the bad news… it is highly unlikely it will be ready by Gary Con. Its my fault, I trusted my old editor would actually would pull through.. but […]

There is magic.

More words from Jim Ward. Magic is real Never doubt there is magic in the world. A simple shoe repair dude puts together an entire new game and 40+ years later millions of people are playing it and having great fun. That same man makes a truly challenging adventure and 40 years later Tomb of […]