ZOZZ draws to a close… Witch Hunter book finally done.

Hey hey Mad Minions.

Crazy year. FO’ SHO’ Fleeing a war (and all the nightmares I saw there), bouncing from friends couch to couch until I settled into a place of my own. Now I have been busting my insane overlord butt to get my next book down, and I am happy to say, the first draft is done. Printed a copy out and I am almost down with written edits. Then type those up by the end of the week, and then get them to a professional editor. Also, this week or next, I will start looking for a cover artist.

My goal is to have this book done by Mid January 2023.

What’s it about? Guess you will have to wait for the big reveal. Which I will do once I get the cover art done. Maybe if you have been extra evil this year, I will include an excerpt or two in future posts.

Don’t forget to download a copy of the pre-alpha of the Castle of Blackwood Moor game.

Stay Mad.
Be Good.

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