Have I really been hiding under your bed for two years?

Hey Mad Minions,

As always, I forget to update my social media. Well, really its because they put me in a straight jacket and I finally chewed my way out.

What has been happening to the ol’ Mad One himself?

Welp, I left China during the early days of COVID, got on one of the last flights out of Beijing actually.
From there I moved to my secret base in Ukraine. While there I released Grim Future vol 2, as well as doing a bunch of short stories for Alarms and Journeys.

While working on a few new (and some old) things, Ukraine got invaded. Sparing everyone the gruesome details. I left.

Slava Ukrainia!

So what is going on with the Mad Overlord now? Well, the Mad Overlord Studios brand is growing. More books (traditional and gamebooks), not to mention a Castle of Blackwood Moors Video game. T-shirts, mugs. Death Rays… well, maybe not death rays, I am still having some shipping problems there. But a lot of cool things are coming. I am even talking with a comic book artist, but that’s something far down the line.

We also have a mailing list, so if you want to be the first one on your block to know about all the upcoming madness, please sign up for it.

As a way of saying thanks, here are some pictures of Ukraine Comic Con 2021, including one of yours truly without my lab coat (it was summer and hot) and Chainsaw Man.

Promise that my next update wont be too far away since a lot of fun things are in the works.

Stay Mad
Be Good.

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