Curricula Vitae

Shanda Games, (Shanghai, China) – As the chief world builder/writer, I am the gent in charge for how the world will work as well as the creatures in it. I also am writing the main story line.

Zeus Interactive, (Beijing, China)
–  I am writing the main story of the game, as well as creating a novel based on this main story line. Designed the three playable races along with the NPC races and the two major villain races. Created and drew the world map so it would work with the novel and the game.                                                                                   

Digital Sky (Chengdu, China) – Here I managed the IP relations between Disney and Digital Sky by expressing expectations and limitations of using the Star Wars IP. I also designed and wrote story lines, characters , levels, skills and equipment for various projects such as Cosmic War Age and Her Dragon Knight.

Here are a few examples of the work I did for the Star Wars project.

sw-3 sw-4
sw-5 sw-6

Oasis Games (Beijing China) – For Oasis Games, I wrote the branching dialogue for the English version of the Legend Online Mobile RPG, as well as designed the mechanics and plot elements for the game.

lom-2 lom-3 lom-5

Gamewave (Beijing China) – At Gamewave, I lead a team of designers that were tasked with developing the game Blood of Glory. I designed the overall mechanics for Blood of Glory, as well as Call of Thrones. I also defined the story, missions and game play mechanics for these games to ensure that they were balanced and fun.
Here are some pics of the Blood of Glory proposal I put together.

blood-of-glory-1 blood-of-glory-2 blood-of-glory-3

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my Contact page.