Curricula Vitae

Athlon/Leyou, (Beijing, China)

• Wrote the main storyline for a Sci-Fi game ‘Eternity’.
• Responsible for the overall concept and vision of the project.

• Designed the Aliens, Factions and the system and sector maps.

FunPlus, (Beijing, China)

• Wrote the main storyline for the game, Wheels of War (Name could change).
• Created plotlines for the game Guns of Glory..
• Kept Excel spreadsheets for all the data (Heroes, Rewards, Storylines) for Guns of Glory.

Zeus Interactive, (Beijing, China)
• Writer and creator of the main story of the game, as well as creating a novel based on this main storyline.
• Designed the three playable races along with the NPC races and the two major villain races.
• Created and drew the world map so it would work with the novel and the game.                                                

Digital Sky (Chengdu, China)

• Managed IP relationship between Disney and the Digital Sky team for Star Wars: Legends by communicating expectations and restrictions for IP usage.
• Designed and wrote storylines, characters, levels, skills and equipment for the unnamed Star Wars project, Cosmic War Age and Her Dragon Knight.

sw-3 sw-4
sw-5 sw-6

Oasis Games (Beijing China) – For Oasis Games, I wrote the branching dialogue for the English version of the Legend Online Mobile RPG, as well as designed the mechanics and plot elements for the game.

lom-2 lom-3 lom-5

Gamewave (Beijing China) – At Gamewave, I lead a team of designers that were tasked with developing the game Blood of Glory. I designed the overall mechanics for Blood of Glory, as well as Call of Thrones. I also defined the story, missions and gameplay mechanics for these games to ensure that they were balanced and fun.
Here are some pics of the Blood of Glory proposal I put together.

blood-of-glory-1 blood-of-glory-2 blood-of-glory-3

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my Contact page.