What’s up Tiger Lily?

What else is this blog about?

I plan on talking about a lot of the things I enjoy.

-Harassing others
– Dungeons and Dragons (OD&D, AD&D 1st ed, D&D 5th ed)
-Harassing others
-Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and Rifftrax)
-Harassing others
-MAD magazine
-Harassing others
– Monty Python
-Harassing others
– Muppet show (Those are the four ‘M’s of great humor by the way)
-Harassing others
-Assorted other junk that no one really cares about.

Speaking of which, in case you care, and cannot find anything better to read on the internet (really?) I am really bad about talking about myself but I suppose I have too.

Hmm. What else? I am left handed. INFJ Personality.
Currently I live in China, where I am a game designer. Grew up in Wisconsin a few miles from Lake Geneva, where Dungeons and Dragons was born. Where as most people enjoy going to the beaches, or somewhere warm, I would rather go somewhere cold and with it piles of snow.

What else? Oh! I have currently written a gamebook. You know, like those classics such as the ‘Lone Wolf’ series and  “Warlock of Firetop Mountain” You can find it on amazon here

There is a sequel in the works as well. Also, a kind of a ‘guide book’ in the works that describes some of the towns and villages etc.



In this ‘primer’ most of the towns, forests etc. will be fleshed out a bit more. By the way, that is the cover of my first book.

Also, I am working on my first novel… on top of that I am working on a computer game.

Is that enough about me? I think it is for today.





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