Oh, China. *shakes head sadly*

As some of you already know, this past July 25th, I have been in China for five years. There are some great things about China, some bad things, just like anywhere. This post is going to be about some of those things.

This past weekend was the Mid-Autumn Festival (do not ask me, since the first day of Autumn is actually September 22, just one of the weird things about this country), which were also the days of Shanghai Khankon (www.khankon.com) and I attended to show off “Castle of Blackwood Moors” as well as the computer game I am working on. It was a lot of fun! I got in on a game of 5th Ed Dungeons and Dragons, and I enjoyed it a lot. It plays a lot cleaner than 3rd edition or Pathfinder in my opinion.

But now the bad.
I took a lot pictures, mostly of people reading my book and trying the computer game, but the internet is so weird here. Copying the photos directly does not work so I had to email them… which I did three times since September 17th… and they still have not showed up.

That is all I am going to write about right now. Hopefully the pictures will show up soon so I can finally post them.

Have a good week fun friends.

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