What me worry?


To change gears today I wanted to talk about MAD Magazine. I went to the local comic book store today (Yes, there are a few comic book stores in China, the only ones I know are run by laowai, but they are there), and they mentioned they had some new copies of MAD in the shop so I bought them up posthaste and took them home to read them.

While still funny, they are not as good as they were a while back. Sure you can say, you are just nostalgic or whatever, but just listen to my reasoning. Hang onto your socks, this is one of the only times this blog will ever get political. The great thing about MAD in its heyday was that it attacked anything and everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Blacks, whites, democrats, republicans, atheists, religion – you name it. If it existed, MAD Magazine parodied it in some way or form. But looking at the two issues I bought, it seems very heavy handed on the Trump spoofing. Lets face it, Trump has a lot to make fun of, but that is kind of my point. When I read MAD as a youngster, they made sure they harassed both sides equally. The only thing I seen about Hilary was this.

Which still is 50/50. Now I don’t want this to turn to a big Wah-wah cryfest about your political candidate. The point of this post is the theme of SATIRE. Satire works best when it does not play favorites, where everything is subject to ridicule. So what happened MAD? It seems the same thing that happened to the majority of the world. Everyone takes everything so seriously now. It is hard to believe there is any debt at all since most of the people can just jam a lump of coal in their backside and it will be compressed into a diamond in mere seconds.

Get off your high horse MAD and go back to your awesomely sardonic ways.

Okay, that ends the political portion of the blog, hopefully forever… Let us get back to reading the two issues of MAD I bought shall we?


The Star Wars Episode 7 spoof was pretty good. Much better than my picture taking ability(or the episode 7 movie itself), sorry about cutting off the left side there. Some of the humor was just ‘not there’ but all in all, 6 out of 10 lightsabers.

Next up is the Batman v Superman parody. Considering I thought the movie was a turd, I found the humor in this a bit better. 7 out of 10 angsty supermans.

And of course, what would MAD be with out periodical jabs at modern day society. These little ‘blurbs’ are where I found the most humor and where MAD still shines the brightest. I recommend picking up a few copies of the magazine just for these little funny tidbits.
8 out of 10 satirey satires.

That’s it for today folks. Join me tomorrow for … well, something else.

Hope you are having a great day.

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