A post about Trader’s Post. (Part One)

As I write the sequel to “The Castle of Blackwood Moors,” I am going to post some of my old D&D notes for some of the places. No spoilers though. Also, please ignore the bad grammar, I wrote this kind of hastily and some of it copy-pasted from old notes, but I did not have time to go back and check it. Apologies. Apologies accepted? Aw, why thank you. You are so nice. So let us continue shall we?

I do not like the gold standard in most RPGs. Gold should be something that has value, not lying about everywhere. So I use silver as a standard. To convert regular D&D prices to these… just shift it down one. Gold becomes silver. Silver becomes copper. Copper becomes tin.  For example: something that costs 7 gold in vanilla D&D, is 7 silver here and something that is 11 tin pieces here, converts to 11 copper pieces in vanilla D&D. Got it? Okay, let us continue shall we?

Ignore the wondrous drawing quality.

Trader’s Post was originally named Bem’s Landing, but as more and more traders moved through the area it has become known by its new name. Only a few locals still call it by its original name. Its original name was due to the fact it was near to town of Hendl’s Landing on the other side of the River of Ancient’s Shadow, and Bem’s Keep, to the south. Both of which will be detailed in future posts.

Many people travel through the town for it is only places to cross the river, but few settle down here. Because of this, Trader’s Post has only a few buildings. During the point the book was written, the river represents the edge of the kingdom of Bartol. A place both wealthy and corrupt that supplies a majority of ore and metal goods to the majority of Middenlund. While looking at a map of the entire region (this can be found on the cover of the book or in a previous post), the borders of Bartol used to extend all the way to the Three Towns area (Greenfield, Argax and Riverbend).

I should probably save all this from my post on the city of Bartol shouldn’t I? Okay, back to Trader’s Post.

Another note: I am not going to give full descriptions of the places. Since hopefully that will leave everyone some things to discover when the next book comes out. That is one of the things that drove me crazy about the Forgotten Realms. The source books detailed everything leaving nothing to be discovered or for DMs to give a creative twist to. Eventually more details will appear here.

Uh, didn’t I say lets get back to Trader’s post…. so yeah, we should do that.

Trader’s Post Key
(1) Warehouse
Next to the docks, the warehouse is used for the storage of goods for merchants who have to wait for the next ferry across the river, which runs an hour after sunrise, midday and an hour before sunset (more or less, they do not have clocks so they just judge by the position of the sun in the sky). Two bells will ring before the ferry sets off. One ten minutes before they leave accompanied by a shout of “LOAD UP” to let merchants know they can begin loading. There is one more bell ring about a minute before the ferry leaves, accompanied by a yell of “LAST CALL”.

Oops. Back to the warehouse description.

The building itself is made from dark brown-red bricks, the same color of the clay that dots the riverbanks. There are two windows on each wall, and while open, are covered in very sturdy iron bars. The eastern side of the building have two iron doors which are usually padlocked shut at night. The only one who has a key to these doors is Rutledge the Captain of the guard who can be found at Building #11

(2) The Bumbling Horse
From the outside it looks dull, unwelcoming and unfriendly. Large stones and well-crafted wooden beams make up most of the building’s outer structure. There is a small porch in front of the stout oak door, over which is a sign of a horse’s profile, but it is hung upside down. The windows are dark but still you can make out the shadow of something passing in front of them occasionally.

The Bumbling Horse is owned by Raul who inherited it from his father and mother before they moved to Bartol and retired. He enjoys the life of an innkeeper and realizes how lucky he is since he is located in an excellent place for business. He does occasionally wish the The Green Mug (building #3) was out of business so he could have even more customers. He will never do anything about this however since deep down, he knows that his inn is not large enough to hold all of the passengers that come through town. Not to mention the fact that Gran, the woman who runs it, is so nice, he could never imagine doing anything to hurt her.

Due to his parents now living in Bartol, he does have connections to the Entertainer’s Guild there is a 85% chance there will be a bard or some form of entertainment happening at the inn any given evening.

Raul [HGT: 5ft, 3in; WGT: 160 lbs] is 27 years old, blonde, brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually dressed in a bright yellow formal shirt, long brown pants, and boots. More often than not he is also seen smoking a well crafted ivory pipe. He is interested in legends and loves stories of all kinds and pays special attention to any travels that can tell a good tale. If the story is REALLY good, or if they have a few, he might even lower the price on a room for them.

Item              Cost    In Stock   
Ale (pint) 5tp 19
Brandy (pint) 1cp 10
Bread 6tp 12
Cheese 9tp  6
Assorted fruit (one piece) 3tp 5
Small meal 5cp
large meal 8cp
Wine (pint) 5cp 8
Wine, Bottle 2sp 5

Price for a room for the evening is 4cp for the common room, 7cp for a single room.
The pieces are the same as across the street. Every few days, Raul has someone go over and check Gran’s prices and see if they have changed. If so, he adjusts his immediately.

(3) The Green Mug
From the outside this establishment looks pleasant.Small stones and hard wood pillars make up most of the building’s outer structure.
The windows are covered in wooden shutters which will be opened on nice days. There is a decent sized porch in front of the wooden door, which is large enough to accommodate six people if they want to sit outside and smoke or drink (no food is served outside). Above the door is a sign of a green mug.

The Green Mug is run by an old woman who everyone just calls “Gran”. She is very grandmotherly in appearance. About 4 foot 10in height and almost 150 lbs, white hair tucked up in a bun. She has thin rimmed spectacles and always has a smile on her face.

Gran knows EVERYTHING that goes on at the Green Mug and anyone misbehaving (thieving, bar fighting) will get a ‘stern talking to’ which they much save vs spell at a -4 or stop their shenanigans. Some how she will even know if a robbery occurs upstairs and if no one else is around. Anyone who attempts to draw a weapon around Gran must make a Saving Throw vs Spell at a -10. Otherwise they will find they just cannot draw their weapon.

Most people here are locals and is pretty full, even though there is only a 45% chance a bard or some other form of entertainment will be here any given evening.

Item              Cost    In Stock   
Ale (pint) 5tp 14
Brandy (pint) 3cp 9
Bread 6tp 11
Cheese 6cp 5
Assorted fruit (one piece) 3tp 18
Small meal 4cp
Large meal 7cp
Wine (pint) 5cp 12
Wine, Bottle 2sp 1

Price for a room for the evening is 4cp for the common room, 7cp for a single room.

(4) House
This building is made of wattle and daub. There is a single window on the center of each wall except for the wall facing the road, which has a single wooden door instead. The roof is made of straw. The entire building leans a bit to the south, worn with age.

This is the home of the Wilkens who are one of the only families to farm south of Trader’s Post. The main reason is because the lands south are fairly dangerous once you wander off the roads, which the guards from Bem’s Keep patrol. Out in the woods however, there are bandits wolves and worse.

Blake Wilken: [HGT: 5ft, 6in; WGT: 170 lbs] He is a middle aged male human that is ragged in appearance. Dressed in grey boots, brown breeches, dark red tunic (but the color is faded) and a brown leather coif. He has short, blonde hair.  Blake is a trusting soul and humble. He has a bit of training with a sword, since the town guard often train right behind his house. Blake tries to make certain that his wife and two children train as often as they can as well. He has a great interest in nature.  POSSESSIONS: shelled nuts (3 ea),  assorted twigs, small cloth bag with 10cp.

Una WIlken: [HGT: 5ft, 5in; WGT: 120 lbs] Una is a middle aged female human with curly, red hair. She is dressed in a long shift, blue in color but the color is very faded. She also wears brown cloth shoes and a grey ribbon to tie back her hair. She is generally a prankster, but also rude. Most than once she has been asked to leave places around town because of her jokes and disposition. Una is very interested in crafting things.  POSSESSIONS: flower, the start of a doll whittled out of wood, whittling knife, concealed pouch with 10tp and 2cp.

Esme WIlken: [HGT: 4ft, 7in; WGT: 94 lbs] Esma is a young female human in her teens with long, blonde hair. She is dressed in a long brown shift and cloth shoes.  Esme really enjoys training with the guards but is not that good at it and has a long scar along her left arm where she was accidentally cut in practice. She maintains her fiery temper from her mother, but if real danger ever appeared she is actually very timid.  POSSESSIONS: handful of seeds (2 corn, 7 pumpkin, 3 peas and 12 wheat seeds), and a long knife.

Jak Wilken: [HGT: 3ft, 10in; WGT: 50 lbs] Jak is a human lad around 6 to 9 years of age with blonde hair that is constantly tangled and dirty.  He is dressed in simple leather sandals ragged gray breeches and a gray woolen tunic. Jak is more interested in farming than in training with weapons, but his father constantly makes him train as much as he can.  POSSESSIONS: whittling knife, a lump of brownish red clay from the river half molded into a some kind of four legged animal.

Wow this is getting pretty long.
I guess I will be breaking this up into a few parts. Not sure if everyone wants to read a post that is hugely hugemungous.

Until tomorrow! Same Mad Overlord time! Same Mad Overlord channel!

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