Take your hat off boy. When you’re talking to me. And be there when I feed the tree.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Going through more pictures of my San Fran trip! These are pictures of the Muir park…. WHICH!! If you did not know (I didn’t either until I got there), these are the woods that were used for the forest moon of Endor in “Return of the Jedi.”

See? This blog educates.. as well as entertains.

Anyway, I went with three very cool people from the games industry: Shannon Ingles from Telltale Games(Who was tiny, awesome and Hobbit-like as you will see from the pictures), Jobye Kyle Karmaker from Monolith (Who was the commander of cool and blazing his own trail) and Farid El-Nemr from Ubisoft (Who had tons of stories and was .a very insightful gent).

All three were really great people and very patient. Because we were not even to the car yet, and I met some one from my tiny Mad Overlord days… MARY JOHNSON!!! She used to live a few doors down from me where I grew up in Wisconsin…. yet here she was in a seaside breakfast place in San Rafel Califonia! We caught up on old times and I really could have sat and talked to her for another hour at least.. but it was bad manners to keep everyone else waiting on me so off we went (Mary, if you read this, send me an email! I really want to add you on Facebook!) but those three sat and waited patiently while I gabbed and gabbed. You poor folks.. I apologize.

Plus, all three of them had great stories of past endeavors in the game industry. I consider myself lucky to be able to wander around in a woods and almost get lost… and devoured by evil wooden bears and drown in a stream and…  what was I saying again?

Never mind. It was great to spend some time with these peeps.

As you can see, it was beautiful there. The air was so clean I think if I stepped straight from Beijing into Muir woods, my lungs would probably just explode… or at least weep with joy.

Anyway… that is most of my pictures of the trip. Next time we will be getting back into game design, getting ready for Gary Con, and poor, forgotten Hendl’s Landing.

Stay safe everyone! Beware deadly, wooden bears… or Ewoks.

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