I’d like to get me, on a slow boat to China. All to myself…alone. No. Wait.

Hey Hey Mad Minions!

Another quick post about life in China. Today I will be showing off the long, long, lines outside the US Embassy… (if no one told you, there are a LOT of people in China. A perfect place to hide during my plans of…



But this line of people are all trying to get into the USA, and I took this video at 9:45 am 15 minutes before the Embassy opened. Note at the end of of the video, they let me right away. BECAUSE I AM A MAD OVERLORD!!!! HAHAHA!

The second video, is me eating my favorite Chinese food… Hotpot.  I like to get it as spicy as I can. Xiabu Xiabu is a chain, so its not the best… but it has an English menu so beggars cannot be choosers.

If you are curious about what real Chinese food is like (there is no sweet and sour pork, Kung Pao chicken etc.) if not, this might be a boring video for you.

Stay tuned, something veeeeery interesting (or goofy) is coming soon.
Until next time, Be good!

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