The post post about Trader’s Post’s Post. Wait. Is that right? a.k.a (Trader’s Post Part Two)

(5) House

This building is made of wattle and daub and the roof is made of straw. The front porch is half collapsed, so much that if you tried to enter the building you would have to duck to keep from hitting your head.   There is a single window on the center of each wall except for the wall facing the road, which has a single wooden door instead.

Grogair McEarchern: [HGT: 5ft, 10in; WGT: 190 lbs] He is a male human that is in his late middle age that is ragged in appearance. His hair that remains is almost entirely white and pulled back into a ponytail behind his head and has a stubbly few days of growth of facial hair of the same color. Dressed in grey boots, brown breeches, dark brown tunic and on rainy or overcast days he will be seen with a wide brimmed hat. A wicked looking long curved knife hangs from his belt at all times.

Grogair is one of the oldest living residents of the town. and still refers to the place as Bem’s Landing. Despite this he is quite happy about the changes that have happened to small village over the years. It used to be a lot more dangerous, as he can tell you the story of his wife (Ann Marie) and their daughter (Liss) all of them were out fishing in the river one day, when something over turned their boat. Something massive bit into him, (he still have the bite scar on his stomach and back) and he lashed out with the dagger he used for filleting his catch. It saved his life but his wife and daughter never were seen again (he almost never goes anywhere with out a knife now and even sleeps with it under his pillow). It happened just a short distance off shore, and now that there are regular patrols and guards stationed here, “That kind o’ thing just wouldn’t happen in this day and age).   Grogair is a quiet person who is just content to fish the river. He is extremely good at what he does and makes a fair amount of money at it. With his wife and child gone however, he doesnt really spend a lot on himself. So occasionally, he will buy sweets from passing vendors and hand them out randomly to children he sees travelling through the village. Since his whole life is fishing, even in his spare time he can be found whittling new fishing lures at the Green Mug.  POSSESSIONS: Two fishing lures he made himself (2 tp ea),  Three pocket knives of various sharpness (4 cp for all of them), a small leather pouch with 11 tp).

(6) House

This is one of the newer looking buildings. Made  of wattle and daub but the roof is a rough wooden shingle. There is also a small vestibule leading into the building. There is a small window to its right with a flower box underneath it.

This home was recently built by a young couple who moved from Stokers Pond to get away from the strangeness of the town (Even their parents were acting peculiar and they decided to slip away into the night). They saved what they could and bought a small piece of land from Filson (see building #8) and started a small apple orchard. They are happy and generally keep to themselves even though they know the residents of Stoker’s Pond are not out hunting for them (which they aren’t, even their parents have forgotten about them) they still sometimes think they should have fled further away.

Manny Everill: [HGT: 5ft, 8in; WGT: 180 lbs] He is a young male human with dark hair and clean shaven yet dirty in appearance. He has a dark blue shirt, brown breeches, brown shoes and belt. He is generally upbeat yet there is some doubt in his mind whether he and his wife Sorcha made the right decision about not moving further away as well as if the apple orchard will be profitable. Since the trees are only half grown, there is still doubt what the outcome will be. He is quite interested in joining the militia but he knows his new bride would never allow it. POSSESSIONS: A trowel, two dirty handkerchiefs used to wipe sweat from his brow, a cloth pouch hangs from his belt which contains 4 tp.

Sorcha Everill: [HGT: 5ft, 87n; WGT: 150 lbs] She is a young female human with reddish blonde hair who is not quite clean yet not quite what you would call dirty in appearance either. She is dressed a dark brown tunic, a gray dress and sandals. She is an upbeat person like her husband yet she knows there is something on her mind. Quite happy that they escaped from Stoker’s Pond and started a new life, she has no idea what could be bothering him. Once the first crop of apples comes in, she has a few recopies for apple cider and brandy handed down through her family that Sorcha is certain will fetch them a decent sum. “We just have to get through this rough patch.” She often says. She in interested in all things brewing related and already has long term goals to open a brewery in ton some day. POSSESSIONS: A handful of flower seeds,  A wooden mug, a cloth pouch hangs from his belt which contains 2 tp.

Two more buildings down! This weekend I will continue the listing for this place… Including the general store.. which will be a huge entry itself.

Happy Frigga’s day.

Plus, I lied. There was no actual post in today’s post.  But fishmonger and orchard do not rhyme as well. Sorry kids.


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