A Trader’s Stop is everyone that does not agree with me. -George the third. (Part Three)

(7) The General Store

This is one of the largest buildings in Trader’s Stop.  Along with buildings #2, 3, 7, 10, 11 and 15 are the only buildings with a second story. The second story is a bit smaller than the first. The building is made of wooden planks with no paint or coating on the outside.There is some stone steps leading up to the door. On either side of the door are two windows. A worn wooden sign hangs above the door with only one word written in peeling black paint, “STORE”.

The interior is lit entirely by the light from the windows, making it gloomy even on sunny days. The counter is immediately to the left and behind the counter are stairs to the upper level and the lower. Racks and shelves of odds and ends line the area.

Eula Ash: [HGT: 5ft, 5in; WGT: 140 lbs] He is a middle aged female human that is  average  in appearance. She has black hair that is mostly tucked up under a small grey bonnet. She also wears dark-brown boots, a dark-red belt, red long pants,  and a white doublet. Eula inherited the store from her husband who was injured in a raid from beastials almost two weeks ago. If any of the players look like a healer, she will ask them to come upstairs and  beg them for help. She has a interest in first aid.  POSSESSIONS: She has a pouch of healing herbs worth 25 sp, a kerchief, and a pouch with 2cp and 7 tp).

Groswen Ash: [HGT: 5ft, 7in; WGT: 160 lbs] He is a middle aged male human that is  average  in appearance. He has black hair with a heavy widows peak. While bedridden he is barefoot, and wears a grey nightshirt. Groswen has been bedridden for about two weeks  after he was taking a wagon of goods from Trader’s Stop to Carrolsberg to sell and trade for things the store needs. A patrol chased off the creatures before he was slain, and brought him back here where he has lain almost ever since. After he returned, he has been too weak to get out of bed,  suffers from muscle spasms (usually minor but maybe once a week they are so violent that they can even be heard downstairs in the store), and heavy sweating.

He feels guilty that his wife has to take care of everything while he does not seem to get any better and has recently been contemplating suicide but is unable to get out of bed to go through with his desire. He has a interest in horse.  POSSESSIONS: Currently, none..

They also have a dog, Benty  who stays upstairs with Groswen.

The store does not carry much in the way of adventurers gear, since they do not get a lot of people asking for such items in this part of the world. The closest other stores can be found at Stoker’s Pond or in Carrolsburg, and she will point this out if any patrons complain she does not carry this item or that.

Item              Cost    In Stock   
Bag, leather small 7tp 8
Bag, leather large 15tp 6
Leather gloves 8cp 4
Saddle 10sp  2
Tinder Box 1sp 3
Tongs 4cp 4
Pliers 1sp 2
Jug, Clay 15cp 2
Kettle, iron 8sp 2
Item              Cost    In Stock   
Clay cup 4tp 10
Wooden bowl 3tp 4
Clay bowl 4tp 5
Chalk (per stick) 1tp  10
Metal file 2sp 2
Iron pot 5cp 3
Straw hat 7cp 2
Candle, tallow 4tp 19
Shovel 7cp 2

Upstairs are the living quarters. There is a door at the bottom of the stairs that has a padlock on it (decently made: -10% to any attempt to pick it) and is used for storage.

(8) House

This building is made of wattle and daub and the roof is made of straw.While of simple origins, the place has an air of cleanness to it and there is even a small row of flowers growing along the base of the house. There is a small porch on the front of the house, so small in fact that two people could not pass by each other in the cramped area. The door is on the far left and there is a window facing out onto the porch.

Filsom Amadi : [HGT: 5ft, 8n; WGT: 200 lbs] He is a middle aged male human that is ragged in appearance. He is from Landas to the south, so he has the typical ebony skin of those who dwell there.  His hair that remains is almost entirely white but is almost completely bald on top and usually clean shaven. He is dressed in dark brown  boots, yellowish-green short pants,  and a light-green shirt At most times he can be seen with a pipe hanging out of his mouth. He has a interest in whittling, especially carving pipes.  POSSESSIONS: He has a pouch of tobacco worth 25 sp, a tinderbox with 8 uses left, and a pouch with 23 tp).

Adja Amadi : [HGT: 5ft, 10n; WGT: 160 lbs] She is a middle aged female human that is neat and trimmed in appearance. She is from Landas to the south, so she has the typical ebony skin of those who dwell there.  Her graying hair is up in a bunon the top of her head and has thin wire rimmed spectacles. She is dressed in light brown shoes, a red dress,  and a dark-gray shirt She is interested in gardening. POSSESSIONS: A rawhide necklace strap with a pewter locket hanging from it. her ‘lucky’ arrowhead she pried out of one of the scarecrows, and a pouch with 2cp and  3tp).

The Amadi’s moved here from Landas almost twenty years ago (originally they bought a house that was located where building #12 is now. As their fortunes grew they built this house, yet still own the barn at #10) They bought land here and stayed here ever since providing barley, wheat and tobacco for a large portion of the area.

They have one son: Tuoi, who recently moved to Drymark (but his path carried him eslewhere). Filson often fishes with Grogair has him stop over for dinner. Both Filson and Adja decided to sell some land to the Everills, and help them with tips on how to grow apple trees. Adja thinks Sorcha is a wonderful young woman, but can sense that Manny is a bit of a flight risk.

Okay, two more houses down. over halfway done.

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