You say Hendl’s, I say Landing. Hendl’s. Landing. Hendl’s. Landing. (Part Three)

(3) Maglos, Mirianna, Ulan and Qurt
Maglos: [HGT: 5ft, 4in; WGT: 155 lbs] He is a young male human that is dirty in appearance. He has brown hair cut almost to his scalp and clean shaven.He wears waterproofed boots that reach his knees, dark green short pants, and a light grey doublet. Maglos is hard-hearted but generally has good intentions and works for the ferry. He unloads and loads goods in the morning and evening, helps pull the ferry across the river and does maintenance for the ferry and the docks on either side of the river.His interest is in collecting knives. POSSESSIONS: a small whittling knife with an ivory handle (worth 10sp) a few raw carrots,  a hammer on a piece of twine hangs from his belt, a pouch with 3tp.

Mirianna: [HGT: 5ft, 3in; WGT: 109 lbs] She is a young male human that is fairly neat in appearance. She has braided blonde hair and wears dark-red fur boots that are almost falling apart, forest-green bonnet, and a red dress. The shoes wear a gift from her parents who live in Carrolsburg for her wedding. She loves them so much that she wears them constantly, even though they are now so worn that her feet are beginning to hurt when she wears them. Mirianna is kind soul but has a short temper, especially when it comes to her two sons. She also tends a small garden out back where she grows carrots and cabbage. Her interest is she likes to collect little sculptures, mostly of animals. POSSESSIONS: a few raw carrots,  a toy soldier and a pouch with 3tp.

Ulan: [HGT: 4ft, 2in; WGT: 55 lbs] He is a 10 year old male human that is dirty in appearance. He has sandy- brown hair that is cut short. He wears brown sandals, brown short pants, and a red tunic. On his left knee a large scabbed over cut can be seen. Ulan is cheerful boy and likes to get into everything. Always wandering the village and asking the grown ups about this and that. The cut on his leg was from trying to climb the fence on Fletcher’s farm (#9) and caught his foot and fell. He is interested in being a soldier and has quite the collection. POSSESSIONS: a few raw carrots,  a rolled up ball of string and a pouch with nothing in it.

Qurt: [HGT: 4ft,  WGT: 48 lbs] He is a 7 year old male human that is dirty in appearance. He has sandy- brown hair that is cut short. He wears brown sandals, brown short pants, and a blue tunic. Where Ulan is an adventurous lad, Qurt is quieter. He usually just follows around other children in the village (or interesting looking passers-by like the players), watches them and doesn’t say a heck of a lot. POSSESSIONS: a few raw carrots..

(4) The Stout Flagon
Barthem Harb [HGT: 5ft, 11in; WGT: 178 lbs] He is a young to middle aged male human that is neat in appearance. He has dark hair but almost completely bald on top. He wears brown shoes, blue breeches, a green shirt, and a gray apron (his apron is the only think about him that will ever have dirt or smudges on it). Barthem is generally unlikable. Since he has the only tavern and inn around, and knows everyone has to stop here before they cross the river. Because he knows that he has a captive clientele, the service is relatively slow here and the food, overpriced. He is decent to his waitstaff but he also knows there are not many places in this area to find work so he pays them fairly low. His interest is in money, not only making it, but he has collected quite a few old coins of Middenlund. POSSESSIONS: a clean leather mug hangs from his belt (he wont even use the mugs at his own establishment, so he carries his own), a few pieces of paper (blank) folded up, and a stick of writing charcoal wrapped in cloth (in case he needs to write down something the tavern is running out of, or make notes about a patron he does nto like so he remembers to charge them extra), also hanging from his belt is a pouch with 2cp and 18tp.

Item   Cost    In Stock   
Ale (pint) 6tp 22
Brandy (pint) 3cp 12
Bread 8tp 6
Cheese 3cp 3
Assorted fruit (one piece) 4tp 9
Small meal 7cp
large meal 9cp
Wine (pint) 6cp 10
Wine, Bottle 4sp 3

To stay the night in the common room is 3cp/ to stay the night in a single room (there are only 3 single rooms available a 45% chance for each to be taken) is 5cp.

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