The bear went over the mountain, the bear went over the mountain, the bear bear went over the mountaaaaain, and what do you think he saw? He saw Hendl’s Landing Part Two.

Happy Saturdays once again fun gang. Today we are going to be continuing our stroll through Hendl’s Landing.

Last time we talked a bit about the history of the place,  so let us just jump right in shall we?

(1) Warehouse.
This large building is made out of a light grey stone. It has oaken double door on the front, facing north. On every wall but the one with the doors, there are two windows with iron bars. Next to the northwestern corner of the building, is a metal rack with a large brass bell, both are heavily worn from the elements.

This building is used to store any carts, wagons, and merchants valuables before they cross the river. The bell is used to communicate with Trader’s Stop when a ferry is starting off and when it arrived.
The ferry only comes twice a day. It leaves at 9 am from Trader’ Stop, takes about 25-30 minutes to cross the river. Then at approximately at 9:30 (depending on the weather, the river flooding etc), it makes the trip back across the river. The whole cycle happens again at 6pm.

Quite a few travelers complain about the fact the ferry only crosses twice a day. The truth is, it used to make the trip every hour or so, but those on the barge charged for the service. When the queen of Bartol heard that people were charging to cross HER river, she gave orders that it must cease at once lest the guilty parties lose their heads. o now they cross the river for free, but twice a day, and the taverns, inn and stores charge highly inflated prices so people will spend there money while they wait. A percentage of those profits from both sides of the river, go to the dock workers. The ferry is always docked, whether at day or at night, on the eastern side of the river which has a stronger guard presence, in case potential passengers get rough, or try to steal the ferry.

(2) Fel and Neena
Fel : [HGT: 5ft, 7in; WGT: 165 lbs] He is a middle aged male human that is fairly dishoveled in appearance. He has brown hair with a few gray streaks, has a few days beard growth, and has a heavy widows peak but his hair is almost always sticking out this way and that. He wears think ankle high sandals, heavily faded red short pants, ,a yellow short tunic and leather wrist bracers. Fel is partially blind but still manages to be one of the best fisherman along the Ancient’s Shadow. He gets ‘feelings’ from time to time such as: when is the best time to go fishing and where, not to mention his predicting the weather for the next 48 hours is spot on every time. He can be rude at times but is generally honorable. He is interested in shiny stones he finds on the riverside. POSSESSIONS: His wedding ring, (9sp) hard bread, fishing pole he sometimes uses as a walking stick, long knife and a small wooden box with 16 tp..

Neena : [HGT: 5ft, 3in; WGT: 135 lbs] He is a middle aged female human that is average in appearance. Her black hair is speckled with gray and tied in a ponytail at most times. She wears brown shoes with a long yellow dress and apron. She tends a garden behind their house where she grows all sorts of herbs, which she then sells to others in the village. Most of them pertain to cooking, since there are quite a few talented chefs in the Landing (See Kyly #9), but there are also a few medicinal plants as well. None of which she will sell to strangers, only other towns folk. She worries a lot about her husband these days. Fel’s eyesight is not getting any better, yet he still wanders the riverbank to the north and south for miles to catch fish. She is interested in growing things and like to collect insects which she studies for a day in a glass jar, but then lets them go. POSSESSIONS: A brass locket with a drawing of her husband when he was a younger man. Her wedding ring, (15sp) freshly picked roots (either mandrake,  honeysuckle, garlic of ginseng (DM’s choice), a trowel, in a small purse she keeps hidden under her apron she has 7tp.


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