From Black Earth to Black Earth, in many easy steps. Now with vanilla frosting!

With less than a week left to go for my trip to California to attend the Ultima Dragons 25th anniversary and then GDC, I have been a busy bee.  I stung two people in the parking lot at the local store, but they sprayed me with mace.

But enough about my love life…

*pause for laugh*

Let’s look at how Post Apocalyptic Black Earth is coming a long shall we?

The actual map of Black Earth is coming along nicely. It is starting to look a lot like the real life town it is based on as you can see from the above pictures. It has a long way go however. Better shading. Some nicer models etc… but we will get there, this is only about a month worth of work if you have been following a long at home.


Next thing is adding dialouge. Using a tool called ‘Fungus” (No really. That is what it is called), I added some text during the beginning of the game as a little bit of backstory.  As well as an NPC that can be found in game that will give more backstory, as well as your first few missions in the game.

That is where the game is at… it still looks REALLY crude since it just uses free assets from the Unity store, but they are good place holders for the time being until all the mechanics are in operational order.

There we go… There is also basic combat and picking up weapons and inventory… but I will save that for tomorrow.

Black Earth is coming along nicely I think.  Black Earth… aaaaah Black Earth.

Ahem. Hope your Sundays are sunny and bright.

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