Who runs Bartertown?! Or, at least Trader’s Stop. (Part Four)

(9) House, Abandoned

This building is made of wattle and daub and the roof is made of straw. It seems relatively well-kept but the edges of decay are starting to set in. The front porch has a fairly fresh coat of green paint. A window lies on either side of the door.

This was the residence of Dylis Rhydderch, who recently died of old age.  Her husband died a few years earlier. She was good friends with everyone in town. As a worshiper of Ioa, her (and her husband) are buried in the Carrolsberg cemetery.

The towns people would be willing to sell the house if the right person came along. If interested, the players would have to convince Raul (from #2), Gran (from #3), Grogair (from #5), Eula/Groswen Ash (from #7), Filson/Adjo Amadi (from #8),  Nik Kendrik (from #11), Domnall Corcoran (from #12), and Mik (from #13) that they would be a good addition to the village. Once they are all convinced, a fee of 5,000 silver would have to be paid to Domnall (the makeshift town mayor). It will take four days for Domnall to get the proper paperwork drawn up  in Carrolsberg and return to Trader’s Post. He will then knock on the door every day at 8am before he starts his day to see if the new owner is home to get the papers signed.

The owner will have to pay 5cp and spend two days a month to keep up the current level of livability of the house. Any less, the house will begin to decay at one level per month (more on building upkeep rules will appear shortly on this site).

(10) Amadi’s Barn

This large wooden building is the only barn in town. It is painted red but the paint is begun to peel away here and there. The large double doors are usually open during the day (who would want to steal hay?) and shut at night. In all the years the Amadis have lived here, the barn was only broken into once, and even then nothing was stolen.

Besides containing hay (whether almost full to almost empty, depending on the time of year), the barn also contains a shovel, rake, awl, hammer and a sledgehammer, chisel, saddle rack, wheelbarrow, two buckets, woodsman’s axe, wedge, and a pile of firewood along the back wall (how much is there also depends on the time of year).

(11) Stone house/Barracks

This is the only stone building in Trader’s Post. It is a two story house with wooden shingled roof. A round tower has been added to the south east corner to help watch for bandit attacks. The door is made of a sturdy oak. Behind the building, to the south an makeshift training field can be seen. There are usually 1d4+1 recruits training there.

Nik Kendrik: [HGT: 5ft, 9in; WGT: 195 lbs] He is a male human in his mid-20’s that is confident in appearance. His hair is sandy brown and usually shaved almost to the scalp. He does keep a light mustache and a soul patch although neatly trimmed. He is dressed in a chain mail shirt, leather boots, leg greaves, and brown breeches. A sword hangs from his belt and a shield with the symbol of Bartol hangs on his back. Nik has recently moved up in rank and was stationed here to oversee this small, yet very important village (No matter where you are in history’s timeline. Trader’s Post is the trading port closest to the Middenlund/Apuno land border, close to Carrolsburg and the wild frontier and monster ridden Blackwood to the west. And, in the decline of the Bartol Empire, it marks off its western border (The River of the Ancient’s Shadow)). He finds the country folk (he was raised in Bartol) a bit slow and stand offish, but has made friends with Filson Amadi over a common like – pipes. Nik owns quite a collection which he started in his teens and when he saw Filson standing on his porch smoking one evening, he stopped and spoke with the man for hours. Nik has a interest in pipes and tobacco..  POSSESSIONS: Half bent billard pipe. He has a half used pouch of tobacco worth 8 sp, a tinderbox with 3 uses left, and a pouch with 9 tp).

(12) Carpenters

This building is a sturdy looking building made almost entirely of wood. The front porch is sturdy and the whole house gives you an impression more of a fort than a place for someone to live. The door is on the left side with two windows on the front of the house.

Domnall Corcoran: [HGT: 5ft, 7in; WGT: 200 lbs] He is a male human that is about as wide as he is tall. His barrel chest and long red horseshoe mustache gives him almost a dwarf-like appearance. His hair is pulled back into a ponytail and almost always has sawdust covering it. He is usually dressed in dark-brown boots, a black belt with a bronze buckle, dark-green long pants, and a tan shirt (although in warm weather he usually goes without a shirt at all).  He loves to whittle and in his spare time he is usually carving something, whether a fish hook, chess piece or toy.  POSSESSIONS: whittling knife,   a three foot piece of string with various marks on it, a piece of writing charcoal, and a small leather pouch with 7 tp).

Domnall moved to the area from The Old Birch Timberlands almost five years ago after an elven raid slew almost everyone from his logging community there. He is gruff but loyal to a fault and quickly won over residents of the small community. It was soon discovered he has a good head on his shoulders as well, so he was propped up to kind of a makeshift ‘town mayor’. A position he does not really like to have but understands he is the best person for the job since his business dealings in the north. He respects everyone who lives here, even the new comers like the Everills and Oan the trapper. He is quite curious about Gran; who she is and what she wants in a small place like Trader’s Port, but knows that she is one of the nicest people he has ever met. He is just more curious about her than anything malicious.

If given the money for the house at #9, he will use that money to repair the ferry and he wants to get a few more things the town needs (He would really like a small three foot high wall to be built and attract a few more businesses such as a barber or a herbalist now that his friend Groswen is in such bad shape).  Domnall also makes sure in between carpentry and building repair work, that at least once a week he visits everyone in town to see how they are doing and how happy they are living here. He respects Grogair and the Amadis to no end and like Raul for bringing in bards from Carrolsberg.

(12a) Carpenters shed

This plain yet sturdy looking building is Domnall’s storage shed. He is constantly looking for deals on wood and timber because he is one of the more talented woodworkers in the area. The shed is usually padlocked with an average lock (no bonuses or minuses to the pick lock roll), but inside are just three saws of various sizes and sharpness, a large pile of timber and planks of wood. a workbench that hold whatever project he is working on (currently he is building a dresser for the Everills).

(13) Mik’s House/Blacksmithy

This building is made of wooden planks and the roof is made of slate. There is no front porch, just a set of large double doors. On each of the walls not facing the road, shuttered windows can be seen.

This is the blacksmith for Trader’s Post. Yet, it is almost never open (except to shoe horses). The owner, Mik won the smithy and the stables in a gambling pit in Bartol. Mik really enjoys animals so he packed up and moved here. He has the reputation of being one of the best horse shoers around and no matter how ornery your beast is, Mik can shoe them. But, he also has the reputation of being one of the worst all around blacksmiths. Some of his customers have said he couldn’t make a straight nail with two rulers and a level. Which is quite true, he has to buy his horse shoe nails from the general store. Because of this, he has a short temper with most people (Gran, Domnall and Filson being the exceptions).  A few people from outlying villages even call him, “Mik the prick.”

Mik: [HGT: 5ft, 9in; WGT: 190 lbs] He is a mature male human that is ragged in appearance. He has long, blonde hair and has a few days beard growth.  He is dressed in: brown sandals, a brown belt, tan long pants, light-brown cap, and a brown tunic. He has a interest in Animal Husbandry (not just horses).  POSSESSIONS: Two carrots, five sugar cubes, a small knife, and a pouch with 11 tp).

The majority of the interior of the building is the forge. There is a small anvil here, a stone fire pit in the center of the room complete with bellows. The ball wall is a workbench and a wall rack lined with tools, most of them still relatively new looking. There is a door along the back wall as well on the right side.

(14) Log Cabin

This building is a sturdy but crude log cabin.. It also has a stone chimney. The building is relatively new and just standing nearby it smells of pine sap. The door is made of crude wood planks but bound in iron so still relatively sturdy.

About two months ago a giantess of a woman showed up on Domnall’s doorstep and asked if she could build a house here. She pledged her skills of a tracker and tracker to the village, no questions asked. When Domnall agreed, she said she would build her home on her own and didn’t need any help from any one. She cut trees from the forest to the north and drug them all the way back to the town and built the town herself. She has little of value and is rarely home.

Oan Gerhild: [HGT: 6ft, ; WGT: 175 lbs] She is a female human who is broad shouldered. She looks relatively young but she is so dirty and unkempt that her exact age is unapparent and her tangled hair is blonde.  She is wearing animal fur boots, armor and cloak. She has a short sword and dagger hanging from her belt. Slung across her back is a short bow and a quiver of arrows. If she knows there is fighting to do, hanging over her fireplace is a war hammer and shield. Oan keeps to herself and does not speak to anyone but Domnall and Gran. She is Frei and was captured after her raiding ship was destroyed and her crew killed she was brought to Bartol to be turned into a pleasure slave. After a month of various tortures and unspeakable acts, she slain her captors and fled. She decided to settle here for a bit, to try and make enough money to buy passage home. She explained this to Domnall and Gran guessed.. She now spends all of her waking ours adventuring, trapping and hunting, to make as much coin as she can. Being Frei, she really has no interests besides the task she is working on.   POSSESSIONS: a hatchet, an extra bow string, a few strips of beef jerky.

All the money she has saved is safely stored with Gran. After four months of the first time meeting her, she will have enough money and will leave, never to return here.

(15) Stable

The stables for Trader’s Post have seen better days, yet still look relatively sturdy. It is the largest structure in town and looks like it has enough room inside for a small company of horses or quite a few wagons. The double doors are usually kept locked at night.

Mik (from #12) maintains the stables and can usually be found here from sunrise to well after sundown feeding and taking care of the horses, not to mention helping travellers get ready to make the ferry.

There are stalls for twelve horses here and a separate room at the back where wagons are kept. This room has a large double door with a quality (-10% to lock picking attempts) lock put on it at night.

(16) House
This building is a crude but functional, looking log cabin. There is a single window on the center of each wall except for the wall facing the road, which has a single wooden door instead. The roof is made of wooden shingles. A large stone chimney is at the back of the house.  Behind the home can be seen a small paddock.

This is the home of Hrodgar Odilo, the wood cutter for the village. He lives alone here. He used to own a horse but it was stolen in a bandit raid about a year ago. The paddock now remains empty and falling apart.

Hrodgar Odilo: [HGT: 5ft, 9in; WGT: 180 lbs] He is a relatively young male human that is ragged in appearance. He has long, brown hair and has a full shaggy beard. Hrodgar is dressed in dark-brown boots, light-gray pants, green cloak, and a forest-green doublet. He always has is woodcutter’s axe with him and even brings it to the tavern when he goes drinking. His interests lie in nature and in beer, spending almost all of the money he earns from nature on beer. It is said while Domnall looks like a dwarf, Hrodgar drinks like one.  With all the alcohol he consumes, even old Grogair cannot recall a time when Hrodgar has been drunk. POSSESSIONS: woodsman’s axe, a whetstone, a leather pouch filled mostly with raisins and nuts, but somewhere in the pouch is 3tp..

This completes Trader’s Stop.

Next I will move across the river to Hendl’s Landing.

Hope your day is treating you well.

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