The title of Book Two, Unknown Realm and whats for lunch?

Book Two is coming along nicely, slow but steady wins the day ol’ bean. It might take a bit longer to write since Book One takes place inside an old ruined castle, but you know that already because you have bought a copy haven’t you?  HAVEN’T YOU?!!?

That’s okay, even if you haven’t you are still a cool person.

Anyway, as I was saying….  Book One takes place inside an old ruined castle and it had a lot of choices, but it was still relatively linear. Find the key. Find the password. Find the hidden treasure room filled with so much gold and wealth you retire and become a shoe salesman… well maybe not that last one, especially if you are a woman.

Book Two will be a lot more open. you can cross ‘The River of Ancient’s Shadow’ at various times. Depending when you do, certain buildings (and towns) might still be around, or they might not. This not only gives you incentive to replay the book to try different paths, there are tidbits about the world itself you will only discover if you go down this way or that. Meaning you will most certainly miss all the world backstory if you only play through the book once. Is this knowledge important to the overall story? Not really, it is just information that will make you say, “Aaaaaaaah! I see why Uncle Joe doesn’t have any pants on!” or, “Just what is the political situation of the Middenlund?”

Things like that.

Okay. Picture time. The first one shows the first printing of the first part (there will be three) of the book where you are travelling from Carrolsburg to the castle. This might make you say, “You are travelling to the castle again?:

Yup. this time for entirely different reasons. No spoilers. Read the book.

The next three are from a Kickstarter I backed called Unknown Realm. It is a game just like the games I grew up on and that got me interested in computer games. Bard’s Tale, Eye of the Beholder, Pool of Radiance, and of course the Ultima series. If you are looking for a fun, interesting RPG that does not require a top of the line computer and is based more on thought than reflexes, I encourage you to give this a look see.

Back it here:

For lunch? I could go for pizza to be honest.

Happy Mondays all.

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