Crossing the river, Hendl’s Landing. (Part One)


One the western bank of the River of Ancient’s Shadow (named so because it is said that when the sun rises the shadow of the Ancients (the mountain range to the east) reaches as far as this river. It is not true of course, but hey who the heck can trust those dwarves that used to own these lands? Not me. You shouldn’t either) lies the village of Hendl’s Landing. More of a collection of buildings than a village, Hendl’s Landing has even a smaller population than Trader’s Stop.  Consisting of only a tavern, a cobbler, and farms (most notably a large sheep farm).


Hendl’s Landing was built upon the remains of an old stronghold. Over the years,  the new residents took the block from the ruins and used them to lay the foundations of the current buildings. That sets up the palette for this village. Tomorrow we will start meeting everyone.

Until then, be good and I hope you are healthy and happy.

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