You say Carrolsburg, I say Carrolsberg.

Is everyone having a great beginning to their New Year? Unless you are Chinese.. than the year of the monkey is still going and will not end for a few weeks yet.

That not-so informative tidbit aside, today’s topic is about names.  It has brought to my attention that I use multiple names for things. Carrolsberg/Carrolburg, Trader’s Stop/Trader’s Post and there will be many, many more (Not every town, since that would get beaten into the ground, just names I think people would screw up often).



So why do something like this on purpose?

In my thoughts, while we live in a world where information on everything can be brought up instantly. What would the world be like with no phones? No internet? Where news of the next town over only came once ever two weeks.   In this kind of an environment, people would get names wrong all the time.

If you heard the name of Phloobasville once and then did not think of it for a month, until that merchant asked you for directions to the next town past it. It is logical you would say something like, “Yeah, take the old dirt road  along the river, past Phleebeeville until you get to Towntown. Then all of a sudden that merchant would think the location’s name is Phleebeeville, and so the name would grow.

If you read some of my earlier posts, this world has been around in some way shape of form since 1978. At first, it was a lot like a zillion other D&D worlds, very static and just someplace for my players to beat things up and steal their stuff. As I grew older, I kept asking myself,”Where did I put my pants?” Along with that I would ask why don’t things work in fantasy worlds like they do in the real world? With that in mind, the details of my world grew and grew and if got more and more in-depth, as you will see on this blog, as well as the products I am working on that are based in this world.

Its Wedensday, the week is half over… Hooray!
Unless you work on weekends, then aww man.

Either way, have a great day everyone.

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